Meet the President

Dr. Michael KearnsIt's an honor and a privilege to serve as president of Mohave Community College.

For eight years, we have seen MCC grow in enrollment and program offerings. We have seen the college become academically and financially sound and well-respected by the community and, most importantly, by its students.

During this academic year and for years to come, the focus at MCC will be on providing a top quality education experience for the people of Mohave County and its surrounding communities.

Paramount will be the curriculum – the coursework that will make it possible for people to become more skilled, more valuable in the workplace and better able to achieve a higher quality of life because of their advanced education.

MCC will concentrate on quality in the delivery of instruction by its faculty and through the high-tech channels that are becoming more and more popular with busy students.

Guiding every phase of the education process is quality customer service. From the time potential students first come to campus, until we are shaking their hands at graduation, we want to assure that they feel welcome, appreciated, valued and excited about their relationship with everyone they meet at MCC.

From the appearance of our buildings and landscaping to the operation of all facilities, we will assure that not only students, but the communities at large feel proud of their community college.

As we move toward the year 2020 and the increasing demand for higher education in Mohave County, our sights will be set on assuring that the college can provide an environment where all residents can enrich their lives through education. Working together as a college and community, I am confident we will achieve that goal.


Michael J. Kearns, President