College Prep Courses

College-Prep Courses

No matter what level you are at now, MCC can help improve your life through higher education.

  • Do you need a refresher in basic education courses? MCC can help you prepare for college class work.
  • Did life interfere with your education and you didn't receive a high school diploma? MCC can help you earn your high school equivalency diploma (GED).
  • Do you need to Learn English or improve English skills? MCC can help. English Language Acquisition, also known as English as a Second Language, is available for non-English speakers, no matter what their native language.

MCC offers Pre-College Studies classes in reading, writing and math to help you reach your educational goals. Effective January 2012, MCC will charge a nominal fee for these classes based on the Pre-College Studies Adult Education Fee Schedule. Payment will be required at time of registration.

For more information, contact your local campus. Click here for the schedule of Pre-College Studies and English Language Acquisition classes.