Welding Certification Testing

Those interested in gaining their AWS (American Welding Society) certification can now complete their testing at Mohave Community College. MCC is the only facility in Arizona to receive the national accreditation necessary in order to certify welders in particular skill areas.

You don't have to be an MCC student to complete the testing. Testing is open to anyone who is interested.

To register for testing certification:

  • See which testing dates are available here
  • Select the AWS Accredited Test Facility Certification date you'd like to register for
  • Above the red Event Details bar, click on the Register icon
  • Fill in your personal information, select which test you'd like to take and click Next
  • Review your information to ensure it's correct, then click on the blue Credit Card button
  • Enter your credit card information* and click Submit at the bottom of the page
Positions TestedTotal FeeType of Metal
3G & 4G$5003/8" Plate
Re-test 3G & 4G$5003/8" Plate
3G & 4G$5501" Plate
Re-test 3G & 4G$5501" Plate
6G Pipe$4306/80
Re-test 6G$4306/80
Re-test 6G$4752XXH
Bend Testing (up to 3/8" side bend)$45 per bend 
Bend Testing (up to 3/8" root & face bend)$35 per bend 
On-Site Welder Training (8 hr day includes facility and materials per day/booth/individual)$650 
On-Site Welder Training (practice time with welding machine and booth per hour/booth/individual)$40 
Off-Site CWI Test Supervision (in the field, per hour plus travel expense)$85 - $125 
Business & Industry** 

* Please note the payment method for testing is credit card only.

** Rates for special testing or for testing multiple personnel will be charges on an agreed-to, negotiated contract rate.