Disability Services FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do students with disabilities have to request accommodations?

    No, students with disabilities are not required to inform the college that they have a disability or request accommodations. MCC Disability Services recommends that students who feel they may need accommodations, but are not sure, request them as soon as possible. If a student doesn’t request accommodations until mid-semester, the accommodations are not retroactive to the beginning of the semester.

  • Does MCC Disability Services provide assistance for students such as personal assistants, transportation to, from and around campus, eye glasses, hearing aids, etc.?

    No. Colleges are not required to provide assistance to students for daily living. Services and devices of a personal nature are needed to function on a daily basis, and would be needed by the individual, whether or not they were in college.

  • How are instructors informed of a student’s request for accommodations?

    Once a student has provided appropriate documentation to MCC Disability Services and has registered for classes, and met with an Academic Advisor  to request accommodations that are appropriate based on their documentation and courses. An accommodation request form will be generated and signed by the student and Disability Services. Copies of this form will be sent to all the student’s instructors, in strict confidentiality. New accommodation requests must be developed and signed each semester a student is registered for classes, in order for that student to receive accommodations.

  • How much time is needed to put an accommodation in place?

    MCC Disability Services helps students develop accommodations on an individual, case-by-case basis. The accommodations are based on the provided documentation and the classes a student in registered in. Some accommodations may take up to 6 weeks to facilitate (especially sign-language interpreters, or very specialized equipment) so the earlier requests are made for accommodation, the better. If a student requests an accommodation that the college is unable to provide, the college may substitute another appropriate accommodation.

  • If a student has requested accommodations do they have to use them?

    No. If a student is doing fine without using the accommodations, they do not have to take advantage of the requested accommodations. It is recommended to have them in place in case the accommodations are needed later in the course.

  • If a student received special education services in high school, will they automatically receive accommodations in college?

    Students must first provide appropriate disability documentation to MCC Disability Services. The appropriate accommodations will be developed based on the provided documentation. Students will not always receive the same accommodations in college that they received in high school. Colleges do not have to provide accommodations that change the requirements of a course or program, or impose an undue financial or administrative burden to the college. Also, different colleges may provide different accommodations.

  • Who is eligible to receive accommodations and services as a person with a disability at the college?

    An individual must meet the admission requirements, or be a current student at MCC. The individual must provide MCC Disability Services with documentation from a certified professional that states the diagnosis and limitations of the individual before any accommodations or services can be accessed.

  • Who is responsible for making sure that accommodations are implemented?

    It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the accommodations they requested are being implemented. Students should speak with their instructors regarding their accommodations and needs. Students are also responsible for giving their instructor the “Out-of-Class” Testing form prior to a test, and for scheduling a time to take the test in the campus Testing Center. Students are also responsible for obtaining and returning equipment borrowed for accommodations from MCC Disability Services.

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  • Why are accommodations provided at college?

    Accommodations are designed to provide all students with equal access to college programs, courses and activities. Accommodations are not a guarantee of success, they are in place to provide equal opportunity of success.

  • Will Mohave Community College pay for a diagnosis evaluation from a certified professional?

    No. Colleges are not required to pay for diagnosis evaluations to help you document your disability. Students are responsible for providing the appropriate documentation of a disability in order to receive accommodations.